Ajujaht is looking for Estonia’s next best business idea and will give out at least 75 000 euros for starting businesses!

Ajujaht is the biggest startup competition and accelerator in Estonia, which offers intensive and high-level development programme for people with business ideas. Each year Ajujaht’s expert jury will select 30 best business ideas and teams to its programme and offers them a personal network of mentor(s), international workshops and seminars and publicity.

Submission of business ideas for season 13 is open until October 27, 2019. In order to

Everybody is welcome to submit his or her business idea – not just students but also people active in the employment market, who are considering to change their career by establishing their own business.

The only condition of the competition is that the team entering Ajujaht must not have generated any revenue with the idea over the last 6 months before the start of the competition.

If you have more questions or want to hear more about Ajujaht, write us an e-mail at or contact us directly on Facebook.

How to submit your idea

It is very simple. Do it via F6S web environment that is used by start-up accelerators as well as investors. You log in via Facebook, LinkedIn or by creating an account. Please find the link here. The deadline is October 28, 2018!.


Can ideas or teams who have participated in previous years submit their ideas to Ajujaht again?
Yes. Everybody is welcome. The only condition of the competition is that the team has not generated any sales with the idea over the last 6 months before entering the competition (October 27, 2019).
How big is the prize fund?
The prize fund is 75 000 €.
How is the fund divided? Does all the money go to the winner?
No, however, the wining team receives at least 30 000 € as a seed capital. The rest of the prize fund will be divided between other finalists as the jury and organizers of the competition decide.
What area of the business should the idea be from? Only IT?
No, certainly not just IT. There are no limits to the areas of business. All ideas are welcome.
Does Ajujaht program have mentors?
Yes. All teams participating in Ajujaht Development Program have an experienced mentor. However, teams could also bring their own mentor to the program. NB! Mentor is not going to work for the owner of the idea. He or she is an advisor, who elaborates feedback, so that the team could focus on product development.
Can I send my idea in English?
Yes, we accept business ideas in Estonian and in English. However, there has to be at least one team member who is able to communicate in
Estonian. It becomes especially vital when the competition will progress as the TV show broadcasting Ajujaht is in Estonian.

Terms and conditions

With submission of the idea to Ajujaht competition, I confirm:

  • The idea in its current status belongs to the person/team who submitted the idea and nobody has any claims for it (incl. all matters related to copyrights); in case any third party permits, licenses, or certificates are needed, they have been received;
  • The idea has not generated any sales over the last 6 months until the idea was submitted to Ajujaht competition;
  • The organizers of the competition have permission to publish a short description of the idea and the name;
  • The organizers of the competition have permission to use quotes, photos, and other materials related to the idea and team during the competition;
  • To publish my seed company’s data including team members, sales, investments, etc to the organizers upon the organizers’ requests;
  • To actively participate in Ajujaht Development Program and other related events;
  • The team has at least 1 member who is able to communicate in Estonian;

The organizers have the right to make reasonable exceptions depending on the circumstances.


  • Harri Tallinn

    Team Lead