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  • Biofire OÜ

    Biofire is a lighter gel, which, taking into consideration nature, safety and human health, is an alternative to the lighter fluids and cubes, and other materials meant for fire starting. Biofire can be used both in domestic and industrial conditions. For example, Biofire lighter gel is significantly a more comfortable and safer alternative to lighter liquid which is widely used in the field of defense.
  • Sea mulch

    Many want to grow organic vegetables and flowers in their gardens. However, it is hard to find free time for weeding and watering, and sometimes one needs to be away for longer. Fertilization of plants passes out of mind, and the number of ecological fertilizers is limited. Sea water contains excessive nitrogen and therefore increasingly more algae that affect the life of fish and pollute beaches. Algae bind well nitrogen and necessary trace elements (for example, selenium), which is lacking in Estonian soils and therefore in human food. Sea mulch uses algae of the beaches to produce a mulch carpet that can be used at home. Mulch carpet keeps the soil underneath moist, preventing weed growth and providing nutrients to plants.
  • Soil sample app

    Soil sampling is mandatory for the practitioners in agriculture. Soil sample app simplifies the process by eliminating the need for additional paperwork. The application draws together information on the farmland from the e-Pria database and allows the sampling of soil boxes with the special QR code.
  • PowerUp Fuel Cells

    Currently, warmth comes to homes primarily through the central heating stations, electricity, coal, wood or other methods that are not environmentally friendly. Diesel generators, solar panels, and small-sized wind turbines are used as the only autonomous solutions. The latter two need power banks to save electricity and powerful and expensive inverters. PowerUp offers a fuel cell based system for co-producing electricity and heat as a solution.
  • SmartVent

    It happens in every office when the rooms are too hot, too cold, or too crowded and airless. Such situations are caused by the lack of an adequate feedback for the indoor climate devices, which operate continuously according to the room’s typical need for ventilation, heating or cooling. To avoid such inconvenient and energy-costly moments, SmartVent has developed an indoor climate control device that continuously measures the indoor air quality and, according to the need, triggers the appropriate ventilation, heating or cooling. SmartVenti can be applied to every building which ventilation devices can be electronically controlled.
  • StepCharge

    StepCharge is an innovative solution that changes the charging mode of the devices using lithium-polymer batteries (such as phones, tablets). By charging the wanted device through StepCharge (connecting between the device and its charger), a longer duration of use per charging and overall lifespan is achieved. The current consumer devices (phones, tablets, and laptops, power banks etc.) use mostly lithium-polymer (hereinafter LiPo) batteries, but charging them is not optimal in terms of battery capacity and lifetime. Most of LiPo chargers use a linear charging (with the constant current strength) in charging, which results in the growth of internal resistance of batteries already after short charging cycles, reduction in the capacity, and in the combination of these two factors also a generally shorter lifetime of a battery and a device. The problem is solved by the so-called step-charging developed by our StepCharge. Such a cycle reduces the internal resistance of the battery by nearly 30% in comparison with charging with the linear cycle, and thereby achieving a longer lifetime of the battery (and the device using the battery), higher capacity and a longer operating life per charging.


  • Flavodata

    Flavodata is a platform that brings the cases of errors related to food’s taste and odors solved by the scientists to the food industry so that the food manufacturers could determine them more easily, learn from them, and prevent by lowering the risk of products’ recall.
  • FoodDocs

    FoodDocs is a company that creates a completely new solution for the European Union food business operators - to create in a cloud-based program an understandable self-control plan for one’s own company that allows managing comprehensively the relevant documents required by law.
  • Füsioradar

    A web-platform through which it is easy for people to find a physiotherapists, masseurs, and chiropractors, and book their services. For the service providers, the platform is helpful in organizing their daily work, management, service selling and advertising.
  • GaGa Panda

    GaGa Panda is a spherical wireless product that is similar to Amazon Echo and can be connected to whichever smart device.
  • InLimit

    InLimit is an app which you can be used for rewarding the traffic-abiding drivers. If someone is driving on the road below the set speed limit, it will make other drivers overtake, which in turn can cause traffic hazards. We wish, however, to reward people who are driving properly, thus improving the traffic culture. Using InLimit app, which records driving speed, the drivers will be able to earn free parking minutes in Tallinn.
  • Laps Kooli

    Kid to School is a platform of agreed transportation, which aims to reduce the traffic burden in front of schools, save the time of parents in mornings, and offer kids a convenient alternative to reach the school.
  • Ridline

    Ridline is a platform for the successful organization of events, informing the team of the technical characteristics: when and where on the stage should be the speakers, monitors, microphones, and musicians, and how all parties are linked.
  • StandByMate

    StandByMate’s artificial intelligence staffs the crew with the nearest appropriate seamen. Due to the short-term working contracts, the shipping is an extremely active labor market. StandByMate makes the work of recruiters more efficient and ensures staffing of the positions with the most optimal candidates.
  • Z Basket

    Z Basket is a telephone application for self-service in a food store. The customer can use his/her phone throughout the shopping process, including for adding goods to the basket and for their payment.


  • Festera

    Bio-boxes that decompose bio-waste with the help of microbes into humus. The process is ten times faster, without any odor and flies, and can occur year-round indoors. The designed bio-box must be emptied once in every 2-3 months, and the customer's ecological footprint is reduced by 8%.
  • Tubly OÜ

    Tubly enters the market with the toy series consisting of magnetic play blocks. This is a toy consisting of the traditional building blocks where all the walls are magnetically connectable to each other.


  • CareMate

    CareMate is a web-based training and service platform that helps people with special needs and the elderly, and the previously trained caregivers to find each other easily. Service subscribers can get a secure, flexible and a high-quality care for a reasonable price. CareMate allows caregivers to educate themselves and to provide the paid caring services.
  • HopeHolders

    Web environment HopeHolders brings together people who have lost hope with the ones who have successfully exited the similarly difficult situation. If a person of desperation has found a person in our web whose experience is relevant to him or her, he or she can contact the person via our environment and get help for a fee or free.
  • Makerlab engineering kits

    The kits contain a construction of a technical detail or a machine, known from the everyday life, in whole or in the form of a working model, whether it is a speaker, electric guitar, lift, camera etc. Each kit contains necessary materials to carry out the work, and a leaflet explaining working operation of the device.
  • Triumph Gamification Oy

    Triumph Gamification provides psychological support for kids suffering from cancer through the game app where kids can embody superheroes.


  • Piss-i-Alarm

    Piss-i Alarm is a system where a sensor placed in the diaper provides a care worker with information when it is the right time to change the diaper.


  • 3cular

    3cular is an eco-innovative circular economy-driven 3D printer. Residual material (e.g. sawdust, wood pieces, etc.) from the timber processing is used for printing. 3cular is aimed at the timber and furniture companies that with help of the printer can create wood products already from the existing residual material.
  • Decomer Technology

    Decomer Technology is engaged in the development of the bioprotein-based film material. The first product is a water-soluble honey capsules that make the honey consumption in beverages more convenient.
  • DigiPatterns

    DigiPatterns is a laser projector that makes the work of seamsters convenient and faster, eliminating the use and storage of paper cuts. The device allows to project the cutting outlines directly on the fabric, and a compliant platform offers besides the sewing cuts also templates for various purposes.
  • Festplate

    Serving food is usually a major concern at events. Generally, a serving is served on an unsteady cardboard or plastic plate, beverage in a cup, bottle or can. As a rule, there are not enough tables to comfortable consume such food served like this. Festplate is a plate/container where in addition to the area for serving food there is a socket for a cup, bottle or can. The container can be uncovered or covered by a lid. Because the container and a drinking vessel are comfortably and firmly held in one hand, the second hand can be used for holding a fork or spoon.
  • Juice³

    Juice³ produces a concentrate compressed into a dry and solid form from the liquid juice concentrate to be preserved at room temperature, which dissolves into juice when placed into water. Juice cubes are produced in portions, so the consumer can prepare as much juice as can be drunk at once. Compressing of the powder concentrate ensures more effective and easier use - everything that the consumer needs to do is to put the cube in water, whereupon it dissolves itself into juice. Juice cube is compact and weighs almost 15 times less than one-liter juice pack.
  • Manufiltery

    Manufiltery produces filters purifying the air from toxins.
  • Viisk

    Many people have the desire to own a boat, but the inhibiting factor is the current size and clumsiness of the boats. Presently, the possible options in the market consist mostly of the rigid-hull boats (wood, plastic) and inflatable boats. The disadvantage of the rigid-hulled boats is the fact that they take up a lot of space and need a trailer for transport. Good quality inflatable boats are heavy, and their set-up takes a lot of time. To own the above-described types of boats, one must have also enough space to store them. Viisk is a folding recreational boat that is light, takes up little space and is easy to store, transport and assemble.


  • UpSteam

    UpSteam is a mobile car wash meant for a working family person. Taking the car to a car wash can be often risky, there are queues in car washes and frequently unprofessional service. The average person spends an average of two hours for the entire car wash related process (booking, driving, queue, waiting, etc.). UpSteam gives people the opportunity to clean their car without any effort in any suitable place. Wash can take place in a home yard, parking lot of the office or anywhere else. UpSteam uses the steam technology developed for car washing and 100% biodegradable substances.


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